Ebenstein Michael


King's College London | MSci in Computer Science

September 2019 - June 2023 | London, UK

Technologisches Gewerbe Museum (TGM) | Informatics, System Engineering

September 2014 - June 2019 | Vienna, AT

Extracurricular activities:
Robotics, Mobile App Development

Transcript of final report card


Volkswagen | Research Scientist (Internship)

June 2021 - September 2021 | Wolfsburg, DE (remote)

Research internship focused on monocular depth estimation
  • Literature research on SOTA models.
  • Evaluation of models on various domains, including custom internal data.
  • Data preparation with different camera distortion and projection models using LIDAR data.
  • Trained models jointly on real world and simulation data on GPU cluster.
  • Achieved SOTA results for depth estimation.
  • Organized and ran workshops on:
    • Depth Estimation: Comparison of SOTA models using Self-Supervised Learning and Supervised Learning; and Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation.
    • Transformer Architecture and Attention Mechanisms for Image Space
    • Tutorial on GPU Cluster for Research Staff
Letter of Recommendation

Infosys | InStep Intern

March 2020 - May 2020 | Bangalore, IN

  • Built a internal Video streaming platform prototype
  • Main feature: Machine Learning overlays over video feeds
  • Goal: Distributed automated surveillance system

Visio Impulse | Research Engineer

January 2020 - | London, UK

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for summary creation and question answering using transformers
  • Interactive text search using GANs
  • Machine Learning insight into large satellite and drone imagery
  • Comparison of images to CAD references

A1 Digital | Junior Data scientist

July 2018 - February 2019 | Vienna, AT

  • Analysis of sensory data and correlation analysis
  • Energy market modeling and auction price prediction
  • Predictive resource planning
Letter of Recommendation

Kapsch Cybersecurity | Cybersecurity Utility Developer

July 2017 - August 2017 | Vienna, AT

  • Artifact recovery
  • Task parallelisation
  • Log analysis and anomaly detection
  • Big Data analysis and data visualization
  • Incident report tool


VIPER | Project Manager, Backend Developer

February 2017 - March 2019 | Vienna, AT

Final school project with external client. The goal was to enable payment inside an VR environment without interrupting the experience. I was responsible for the integration of the payment services, the system architecture ,cloud infrastructure and project management

Diploma thesis

VIVID (VIsual View Into Data) | Data Visualization, Data Transfer

September 2017 - February 2018 | Vienna, AT

A project for the Raiffeisen Bank to visualize the status of internal projects for project management purposes. Data-visualization was implemented in Excel and a separate, advanced Web visualization tool was created.

H.A.N.S. (Hereditary Artificial N.E.A.T. Simulation) | Technical Architect, AI Developer

February 2017 - June 2017 | Vienna, AT

Simulation of evolutionary organisms controlled via a neural network. The N.E.A.T. algorithm was used to develop the organisms brains.


Programming Languages


Java ● C++ ● C ● Python ● HTML ● CSS ● JavaScript ● SQL ● Rust


C# ● VBA ● Lua ● Go ● GLSL ● Assembly


Project Management, Agile Methods, Collaboration techniques


English, German



Computer Vision ● Artificial Intelligence ● Data Science ● Continuous Integration ● Cloud Computing ● Payment Technologies ● Distributed Systems ● Micro-controllers


Computer Graphics ● Shaders ● GPU Computing ● BigData ● Security ● Compilers

Frameworks and more

CUDA ● OpenGL ● OpenCV ● Pandas ● Tensorflow ● Scikit-learn ● Keras ● Spring ● CMAKE ● Docker ● Kubernetes



  • Computer Science
  • Reading (Specialized books Novels, Bios)
  • Analyzing things (Music, Movies, Art, ...)
  • Philosophy and ethics
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • AI, Datascience
  • Directing, Acting, Screenwriting
  • Economics